When we first started our business
we wanted to take a comprehensive approach to project management, to provide clients with a wide range of roofing services that would meet their every need.
Today Diamond Empire has become a leading company that roots itself in its craftsmanship and customer service.
With over 10 years of experience we make sure that you are satisfied with our service before we leave the scene..



Joey and his team did an excellent roofing job, working until late into the evening to finish. Good clean-up too and friendly manner. I highly recommend this company.

Lisa Schur

Joey is amazing. After the Tornado he went around the neighborhood to make sure everyone was ok. I had a section of my roof ripped off and my plywood was exposed. **** was there the day of the tornado repairing the roof. He took care of it on the spot even matched the color of my original roof. I highly recommened him and his business to my 2 neighbors and they hired him on the spot.

Andreas D

We had Diamond Empire out to restore our roof for us. I phoned Joey and asked if he would come over and quote us on having our roof restored. I was very impressed on how he went over everything. He took photos and showed us what needed to be done. In the written quote everything was written down what was to be done. The crew was on time and were very proffessional. The workmanship was second to none. There pricing was very ressonable, not like others that i was quoted. I had four quotes all up and found Diamond Empire was the way to go. The roof has turned out fantastic. Thank you to Joey and the crew.

Ahmad M

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Challenging times call for innovation
Challenging times call for innovation

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Eco-Friendly Concrete Created
Eco-Friendly Concrete Created

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5 New Trends in Construction and Building
5 New Trends in Construction and Building

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